Thursday, August 30, 2012




I know you are looking for Hawk, but I haven’t met him.

My name is Sherwood.

How are all you people out there doing?    I’m doing okay, but I’d love to have a forever home with one of you. 

True, I considered senior…but then some of you humans who are reading this post are probably in the same boat.  Hope for your sake nobody casts you aside while you still have a zest for living and life.  

There are many advantages to a guy like me, especially if you are a senior human.  I’m house trained.  I won’t chew up your shoes and stuff.   I walk politely and nicely on a leash…no dragging you down the street.  I love people. 

If you adopt me and take me into your home, I promise to be a loving and loyal companion.

You can ask for Sherwood or Pet ID: 16719968.   I’m neutered and up to date on all routine shots.

To contact me at Longmont Humane Society in Longmont, CO telephone me at 303-772-1232  or email me at

Click on my name, Sherwood, or my picture or here to go to my Petfinder page.

Hope Hawk turns up soon.





  1. Sherwood you sure are a handsome guy. And there is nothing negitive about being a senior dog. I am and I am still going very strong at 12 years old. Who ever brings you home will be some very lucky peeps.

  2. Sherwood, you seem like an awesome dog and who cares about age! Pft! You will find a perfect forever home, especially with cool friends like Hawk helping you out! :-)

  3. Have a terrific Thursday Hawk and good luck to Sherwood.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Nice to meet you Sherwood. Hope you find a home.

  5. Sherwood is a great name - for a second I thought you were Hawk!

  6. Senior dogs are the best dogs. For all the reasons you listed. I hope someone gives you a good home soon!

  7. Oh sweet Sherwood, I hope you find your furever home soon!