Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun, Follow Up, Fitness in a Beautiful World



Hi Y’all!



Today I’ve got a lot to cover…I’ll do my weekly round up…including how I’m keepin’ fit and I’ll wrap it up with some of the beauty I’ve been seein’.

First, the gang at Sand Springs Chesapeakes wanted to know what the bird was eating.  The post was from “Sharing Saturday”.


That is a brown thrasher eatin’ a pear that I stole off one of the pear trees and my Human made me drop it.  If she’d just kept prunin’ her roses I’d have devoured that pear and she’d of been none the wiser.  BOL!

Also on “Sharin’ Saturday”, Auntie Jodi wants to know if we ever got any figs!




Oh yes, but we often have to pick them before they are really, really ripe and let them ripen in the house.  They are much better if they ripen on the tree!




Sugar was wonderin’ why I’m smilin’ on “Sizzlin’ Sunday”. 

Molly wanted to know if I was up to mischief!

Roy wanted to know if maybe it was sizzlin’ sausage I was lookin’ at!


Shyla, R and their person, KB asked if it was still “sizzlin” here in the southeast. 



Ah, the secret smile…If I’m not carryin’ somethin’ and I’m outside racin’ around…it’s fun, fun, fun!!!  The Human is smilin’ too, only you can’t see her!



As for sizzlin’…it’s still very much summer in these parts.  Even in the mountains it is warm…although nights in the mountains are startin’ to cool as days grow short.


I got questions about Wednesday’s post “Great Scent”!

The gang at Wag n Woof asks “whadja smell?” 

Maja and Pierson asked “whatcha lookin’ for?”

Gizmo wants to know if I’m wet.



I also got a few comments about what I might be sniffin’.

First, my Human has scent down for me to track.  It’s a mental exercise I enjoy.  Mental exercise is an important part of stayin’ fit.





No, I’m not wet but I did have a bath and massage the day before.  The way the sun is shining on my coat it really shows off the Chessie coat.  Different Chessies can have less wave in their coat than mine. 

Finally on “Sunshine and Shadows” Molly wants to know if that’s my toy box.



My toy box is up on the shelf.  This is the overflow!

Flea wants to know who I’m howling at.


Why I’m talkin’ to y’all!

She also asks if the big bird is a blue heron.



Yep, he’s a great blue heron!

And now a few more beautiful things from my world!








Tomorrow I’ll share some more of my world!


Y’all come back now!












  1. It is very late here and we are able to get on our internet for a bit. Dropping by to see how you are doing. boy what a busy week you have had.
    Happy Friday the 13th to you my friend

  2. Hawk you have beautiful up me and MOM's day. Thank You!

  3. Great Q&A Hawk and your world is marvellous. It is cooler here so that means lots of hunting. Our pear tree is loaded this year. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Herons and egrets and flowers, oh my! And as if that weren't enough - an overflowing toy box! What a beautiful life you have Hawk!

  5. Thanks for the update Hawk - love seeing the fig tree - we have one too and we like to just stand next to it and eat the figs right off the tree. Moms spoils it all the time by picking fun. Thanks for sharing all those great photos - you have pretty country around you!

  6. Great Follow-up Hawk...and so much beauty in those photos. Have a great weekend!
    Your pal,

  7. That pear looked good! You are too slick. Hope you didn't get into too much trouble for it.

  8. Wow, that was quite a follow-up, Hawk! Love all the questions & answers!
    You sure do live in a beautiful area! Thanks for sharing all the photos of the beauty around you... great flower close-ups! Oh, and for sharing your beautiful wavy furs ;).
    Happy Seeing Beautiful!

  9. Hawk, you are just such a happy boy and you are always doing fun things! You live in such a beautiful place so no wonder you are so happy!
    Jan, Wag 'N Woof Pets

  10. The secret word is FUN! Love seeing your beautiful photos especially the flowers. Happy Seeing beauty. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. those flowers are huge... and lovely :)

  12. Tx for answering my question about the bird. I think they should of let you munch on the pear. Tpu live in a beautiful place.

  13. Great follow-up Hawk, thanks so much for joining the blog hop. Those are some pretty awesome photos!! Thanks for answering my question about the figs. I be they are good when they get the chance to ripen on the tree.

    Have a great weekend!!

  14. Oh pretty flowers. You got some great questions this week. Glad to hear the birds left a few figs for you!

  15. Wow! You were dishing out, sniffing, carrying, exploring, and loving a whole lot of beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing in our See Beautiful blog hop!

    Lydia @ See Beautiful