Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve



Hi Y’all!

I’m going to go to Christmas’ past…

My first Christmas in the mountains with my Humans was 2007.

My next Christmas was 2008.  That was the year I started this blog to save my memories.

We had snow up here that year. 

The following year, 2009, we also spent Christmas in the mountains.

That brings us to last year.  We went home to the shore for Christmas.  We had a great time

since the weather was perfect!

The flowers are still blooming this time of year and it isn’t too hot to go for nice runs…



Beautiful flowers…most will be gone with a hard January frost.  By February things are blooming again as spring arrives at the shore. 

Here in the mountains February means more snow. Sad smile

The highlight of Christmas at the shore was a great morning run!


This Christmas we are once more staying in the mountains…

Have a merry one y’all!


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