Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tasty Tuesday at Kol’s and Kirby’s Paid Off!


Hi Y’all!

Some of my friends, Kirby the Dorkie and Kolchak Puggle celebrated another Tasty Tuesday last week…oh I’m sure they are celebrating today too! 

Anyway, my Human came across some treats on their sites that I can have with my allergies!  She made me some pumpkin treats from Kol’s recipe and last week some sweet potato treats from Kirby’s!  (click their names to go to their sites and get great recipes).

What do you mean you didn’t bring the treats!

Y’all come back now!




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  1. Hi Hawk! I was googling me on Bing and I came across this post. Even though it's from way back when I still want to thank you for sharing me. Happy eating!