Thursday, December 29, 2011

Make This a Happy New Year


For these Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.

You can contact any one of them at:

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief & Rescue, Atlanta, GA • 770-684-7831 •

For more information on any of the dogs below, click on their name or their picture to go to their Petfinder page.


First is Bailey, a six and a half year old neutered male with no health problems.  He likes to smile.  He loves other dogs, cats, car rides, swimming, and retrieving.  Bailey has a food issue.  If he is fed separately from other pets it isn’t a problem. 


Brownie needs a loving home.  He is a Chessie mix that comes from a bad situation of abuse.  He has been treated for heartworms.  He needs an experienced Chessie home where he is the only dog.


Elyse is young Chessie.  Her color is called deadgrass.  She is beautiful, fun loving and full of mischief.  She needs a home dedicated to exercise and obedience training.


This is Helli.  Another deadgrass, she was featured last week.  She knows basic commands and loves retrieving, swimming and car rides.  She is gun shy, however. 





Next is Cameo.  She is already 70 lbs.  Currently she is responding well to treatment for demodedic mange.  She loves car rides, water, children, other dogs, cats and strangers.  She is partially housebroken.  She is young and needs lots of exercise and obedience training.



Finally, we have Sissy, another young Chessie.  She weighs about 50 lbs.   She is housebroken.  Sissy is still learning how to be a dog.  She also is just learning about a leash.  She will only be adopted into a home with other dogs and a fenced yard. 




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