Thursday, December 15, 2011



Hello.  My name is Donner.  Aren’t I one handsome dude?  

I’m only a wee bit over a year old and they think I’m a mix of Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Irish Setter.  As you can see I’m very red and it isn’t sunburn.  You humans get sunburn.

Look, I’ve had the worst experience.  Last month I went to the park with my human and while reading all the pee mail they disappeared.  There were too many scents to pick theirs up and we’d come in the car…so…Then the Animal Police came and arrested me…vagrancy or something like that…

Now I’m in Doggy Jail!  Can you believe it?  I didn’t do anything!  The humans abandoned me and I’m the one in jail! 

Please, please get me out! 

For information about me, please call the shelter staff direct at 606-886-3189.

Click here or on my name or picture to visit my Petfinder page.  Thanks!


DONNER Animal Shelter - Floyd County KY, Prestonsburg, KY • 606-886-3189 •






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