Monday, December 19, 2011

Me? Mischief?


Hi Y’all!

Here it is, Mischief Monday! 

I have some real mischief to tell you about this week… only it is not the kind of mischief that y’all suggested to me.

Over at Peggy’s Pet Place I gather that Kelly likes dumping trash cans and chewing on shoes.  My Human usually makes sure that no  trash is in the cans and shoes are in the closets when I’m left alone.  

Over at You Did What with Your Weiner it was suggested that I just go out and get myself a kid! Why? Because kids aren’t bothered with tall humans’ stuff.  My human niece stopped to visit me and told me that the problem there is that the tall humans usually take the kids with them when they leave.   Sad smile

A cat to play with would be nice, but my Human Papa is allergic to cats.   Oh well…

Instead I decided to investigate the guest bathroom.  My Human has always left the door open and the commode lid up.  She says that way should anything happen to both Humans and someone didn’t rescue me before my water bowl went dry…

First, understand I NEVER drink out of the commode.  I only use my own bowl or a water bottle.  However, I thought that the guest bathroom would be interesting to sniff around.  I even checked behind the door.


I could hear my Human when she came in the front door and I started barking.  LOUD! 

She called “Hawk!  Hawk where are you?”  I kept barking. 

Finally!  I almost knocked my Human over when I burst out as she opened the bathroom door.


Oh, I hope that never happens again!

Y’all come back now.



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