Sunday, July 15, 2012

Q & A Time!


Hi Y’all!

The sun came out for a few minutes this evening!  The first sun in three days!

The first thing I want to do is comment on my friend’s comment about my naked neck in yesterday’s post.  Goose, at home I often have a naked neck and most of the time in the house I’m naked. 

On June 22 I answered the question about why I’m not allowed past this point at the corner of the house…we have no fences, so boundaries are strictly enforced. Nobody is willing to drill into the rock just below the green to put up a fence.

Naked on the porch.

Here I am, practicing a stand stay at the corner of the house. I’m not allowed beyond this corner. My Human was taking rose pictures and caught this bored expression.  This was posted June 9, 2012, Sunny Saturday.

Here I am without even a collar to keep me warm!

Dawn from Pet Auto Safety  wanted to know if I chased the turkey in yesterdays post.

No Dawn, I’m not allowed to chase anything but a Frisbee, ball or bumper. 

Anne dropped by from the Funny Farm for a visit.  Yes, Anne, I am a Chesapeake Bay Retriever!  And my  big sis, now over the Rainbow was a Chessie too.

Molly wants to know if that’s a real turkey…Yes, we only have real ones around here. 

Sankissjuice wanted to know what I meant by “wild”  in my post “Rainy Day Blues”. 

I did nothing wild, but wild things have been happening.  The Humans have been off and racing almost daily.  In the meantime the computer has been behaving in the most ornery manner.  So…

Haopee wants to know if I have doggie slobber.  Oh yes, I drool whenever there is good treats or I’m waiting for my supper. 

Noel thinks I look a little tired in my profile shot.  What do y’all think?

Jen and Elka want to know if that’s my good side.  I didn’t know we had a good side.  I thought all sides were good!

Goose wants to know how many faces I have.  Gee Goose, I’ve never counted them! 

Colby wanted to know what my Humans could have been up to all day to make my dinner an hour late.

 Unfortunately Colby, they didn’t tell me.

Goose also wants to know if I’m sure I’m not a meteorologist.  No Goose, I’m just good at reading the mountains and the clouds. 

Now, if I’ve missed anyone’s question, please email me at browndogcbr at  In the meantime, y’all come back now!




  1. It seems I had a lot of questions this past week. I better slow up. Thanks for all the answers. I guess I must not see to well to not have noticed you don't have a collar on in a lot of photos. I too am always naked at home, and sometimes in church.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of questions! I never realized you got so many ;)

    Good for you for respecting boundaries so well! Especially "no chasing", which I know can be hard. That's one I really enforce with Elka. She can look at squirrels, or birds, or deer, but may not even try to run at them. She's pretty good, really; some of the time she stands at the tight end of the leash, but most of the time she keeps the loose leash going.

  3. As always we enjoy you Q&A posts. Have a great Sunday Hawk.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Another great Q & A! I love your naked neck!

  5. The photo of you naked at the front porch is priceless! That expression on your face...

    I'll be back (with more questions)


  6. PS My boy also has a naked neck now. His grandma says she doesn't want the collar to create a mark on his neck (he has very curly fur). Seems like naked neck is trendy now.

  7. We like your naked neck Hawk! You are one handsome guy!

    Have a great week!

  8. We think the only picture you look tired in is the "side-dog" picture. :) We plan on being like that today after our busy weekend.

    the brown dawgs