Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Itches!


Hi Y’all!

Do y’all like wearing collars?  Do they itch you? 


Y’all come back now.




  1. Yep I wear a collar. But only when I am in the Blazer and when I go for walks or hikes. I would rather not wear them and when I am at home or at Bert's I don't. Yea my collar makes me itch sometimes.

  2. Hawk you are making me itch. Have a lovely Sunday and why not pop over and meet a new friend today.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Sorry to hear about the itchies... hope you are having a good weekend otherwise! :)


    I only wear one when hiking in the woods. Me ears go back when she gets it out, but atleast I know I get to go!

    You have that scratching thing down pat though!

  5. Elka doesn't seem to notice her collar much. We put one on her once she came home, and even then, she didn't really object. I think she feels more weird if we take it off!

  6. Ah, it probably itches you because you're not used to wearing one. After having had a few escape artists in the household over the years, everyone here wears a collar at all times. They don't really seem to notice.

    Have a great weekend! Stopping by on the Saturday Blog Hop, even if it is Sunday already.

  7. Hey Hawk, Jet here.

    We wear collars and sometimes they itch because of the heat in the tropics. Mom washes them during spa days, so, they're not too bad...

  8. Oh no, Hawk. Sorry about the itches from wearing your collar.
    I don't get itchy from wearing a collar, but my human often removes my collar, anyway. Makes me feel naked without it.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx

  9. Yes, Betty has to wear a collar :( She doesn't mind now so much but when I first got her you would have thought a collar was horribly uncomfortable, now she is used to it!

  10. Chester and Gretel don't wear collars anymore - only harnesses. I don't know about Gretel but Chester used to wear them with no issues. He was never in and out of the water as much as I bet you are though :)

  11. Those darn things do itch, don't

  12. My pups almost ever wear them so they itch a lot when they are on

    Stop on by for a visit