Friday, July 6, 2012

The Friday Times - Q & A, Weather


Hi Y’all!

Haopee had a couple of questions this week.  The first one was “what is lemon water?”  

Lemon water is fresh cold well water with a squeeze of fresh lemon, about a quarter of a lemon, added.  You can add stevia, or sugar, to sweeten it if you like. 

Haopee also asked “why is the last picture always of you turning your back on us?”   Well, deep subject, in the beginning I just greet you…you know…come in the room…say hello!   At the end of my post I leave…therefore you see my back as I leave. 

Goose wants to know what I do with all my awards…well Goose, I’m behind in putting them up.  I’m having a “room” problem.  I’m sure enjoying them though!

Jon Farleigh and Dewi are a bit upset that I like taking a bath.  I’m sorry fellows, but I love those spa treatments. 

As for the weather…the Humans have been enjoying breakfast and coffee on the porch every morning.  Here in the mountains mornings are grand.  Afternoons warm into the mid to upper 70’s.  Late afternoon, early evening has been bringing thunderstorms, some violent.  Get done what you want to do early in the day.

Y’all come back now! 





  1. I would love to have afternoon's in the 70's. I am envious. It's in the 90's and sometimes low 100's in the afternoon. But it did rain today and we got low 80's, it was grand.

  2. Hi Hawk have a great Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Great Q&A Hawk! You sure do have a beautiful home.

  4. Could you send some of your weather over here? We are baking in triple digits!


  5. Great Q & A Hawk! I just love your porch!!

  6. Well it is evening here and the temps are in the high 80's. today has been a good day heat wise. But oh what My Vickie and I woudl give to be up in the mountains, like you, sitting on a cool porch and watching the rain clouds come in.

    Thanks for the Q&A. Always love them


  7. 70's sound wonderful. It has been so hot here, we have spent far too much time inside.