Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange



Hi Y’all!


Every Christmas time the Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange is hosted by Something Wagging This Way Comes.


This year I’ve had the opportunity to meet another that I’ve never had to pleasure before:  Life with Beagle.

There is Lulu, a four year old rescued beagle whose greatest fun is chasing squirrels. 


Opps, my bad, that’s an ornament, not Lulu.

And there is Jasmine.








Oh, least I forget, there’s Galadriel the rescue cat.


There is lots of great information and reviews on food, health and various care products as well as giveaways. 

So hurry on over and meet Lulu, Jasmine and Galadriel in person! (here)














  1. Wow that girls rock! And they are dogtors, that means they never have to see the vet, right?
    easy Rider

  2. Hawk, you are such a friendly boy. And your gift to Life With Beagle is just what I would have expected. I feel like you were introducing me to someone at a holiday party.

    Thanks for sending such a wonderful gift. And for joining the fun of the Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange.

  3. I love the photos you chose from Life with Beagle. They look like an adorable bunch!