Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clean, clean, clean

My human Mom has gone crazy again!  She just vacuumed and dusted, but today when the human Dad went out, the vacuum returned and all sorts of cleaning stuff.  She climbed on a step stool to clean the fan blades…again.  She polished wood furniture, sprayed windows and mirrors with stinky stuff, then polished them too.  She even removed my nose prints which I’ll now have to put back! 

It has been a waste of a perfectly beautiful day.  A perfect day in fact, with temperatures here in the mountains topping out at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.  After a day of steady rain yesterday, there is no pollen to irritate all our allergies.  All the windows are open, but it isn’t the same as going hiking. 

If you are afraid of gunfire, this is not the time of year to be in the mountains.  It is one hunting season after another right on into the winter when they hunt bear and boar.  Sound travels here in the mountains and you can’t tell from where the gun shots are coming.  This afternoon they sound almost like they are in the yard. 

Oh well, the best thing about Mom going crazy is that I get brushed and vacuumed and I LOVE getting vacuumed!!!Hawk 001 Hawk 003 I roll over and get my tummy vacuumed first.  

Then, just when I thought “she” was ready to go out and play with me, she goes in and puts fresh food in the flower vase…P1010024 But, I finally got my supper, right after the humans ate theirs.  Soon the humans will go for their evening walk…I’m hoping they go somewhere exciting to walk so I get to explore things…and then I’ll have more to share. 

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