Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Another “no collar” day…

For those of you new to the “no collar” concept…I only wear a collar when we go somewhere…so when we stay home I think of it as a “no collar” day.  Not much fun though because it’s been rainin’ for three days! 

The humans are happy about the rain ‘cause we’ve been in drought.  Last night we had a LOUD thunderstorm and my human Papa woke up and so did I.  Neither of us could believe my human Momma slept through it all.  She never woke up or even stirred in her sleep. 

Gotta go now.  I’ll have lots of pics and stuff on Thursday.

Stay tuned.  I’ve never had a chance to tell you about last weeks fun and games! 

Y’all come back now!


  1. Wow! Thunder. that's something we don't have too much of in Portland, OR. I hope it wasn't scary!!

    Oh, and I gave you an award! You can pick it up, along with the rules, at http://sagechronicles.wordpress.com/.

  2. You are lucky, we have to wear our collars all the time. Maybe that is because no one ever plans ahead around here. They may suddenly tell us to jump in the car and we will go somewhere. Lack of planning requires we be prepared at all times.

  3. I sure hope you never sneak out when you aren't wearing your collar! My pups love naked time around the house (thats what we call it)


  4. I'm glad you're not stuck in the parking garage. ;)

    We have no collar days here too though mom tries to walk us even when its raining because it is going to rain all winter here. I'm tough to walk because I'm still learning to heel and I like to pull mega-hard. Mom is wondering if I'll ever learn to heel and I'm wondering if she'll ever stop trying to teach me.
    Over the last few weeks I learned how to walk on the treadmill and now I run on the treadmill for an 40 min to an hour before we go out for a walk. Its easier for me to resist the urge to pull so mom enjoys walking me more often!
    Anyway, that is a whole other tangent. I really just wanted to say good morning. :)

    Love Emerald the Blab Lab