Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Go!! Go!!! GO!!!!


What a day Saturday was!! 


P1010014    Here I am on my third walk, run, hike of the day, exploring the wilds!  But I digress….


The day started normally enough, with a walk to check out my home territory, then breakfast.  But it was then things took a sudden turn.  The humans decided to go down to the town to the farmers market.  I got a walk along the creek.  Another stop along the creek walk.Next thing I did was go home and take a nap, only to be roused to go again!  This time we went to the farm so I could supervise the haying. P1010001 Yep!  That’s me, sittin’ at the top of the hill.  Oh, and I got to meet a little “hot dog” dachshund. He wouldn’t play though. He wasn’t even very friendly. I suggested a hike in the woods, but he said I was crazy.  Lookin’ at his stubby legs I figured he would get his belly scratched raw with the briars and fallen branches. So I took my humans off the check for stray cattle, bears, deer and turkey.  Below are some pictures as I keep encouraging them to keep up. I guess havin’ only two legs instead of four is a challenge.


P1010003 P1010005 P1010006 P1010007  By now the sun was gettin’ high  P1010002  And the humans were hungry.  So when we reached the end of the fence line, we headed back.  P1010008 Yep, that’s me waiting for ‘em at the end of the fence line. By now it was time to head home for dinner, lunch to you city people.  After eating a nap is required. 

After a nap we went back to check on the baling and then decided it was such a perfect day with not a cloud in the sky and a high temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit, that it should not be wasted.  This was especially good news for me considering my fur coat.  Even 60’s is warm when you like to run and play and can’t take your coat off!  The humans checked to be sure I had plenty of water, and off we went for more exploring. 

We saw wonderful things, like this cat, but it was safe behind glass!

P1010018 Then there were the wonderful creeks.P1010012 P1010013 And this lovely old “home place”  still in use today, including its old wood stove.  P1010020

Here are some butterflies filling up on water in puddles along a roadside. P1010021


And finally, like all good things, they have to come to an end.  The sun sinking and the day chilling for the humans, i regretfully follow them toward the vehicle and home.   P1010016

However, all was not lost.  The humans left me to recuperate Sunday morning and they went to someplace they call church. 

It was so cold in the early morning that my sissy human mom put on her winter coat when we went outside.  She should have to wear that thing all the time the way I do!  It was only 43 degrees Fahrenheit!  It warmed right up to a high of 66. 

In the afternoon after the humans had dinner, we went back to the farm and I got to check out the trails some more. 

Monday my human Mom and I went to check out more of the downhill trail,P1010012 here I’m climbing up a side trail.    P1010003 Checkin’ out a noise.  Saw lots of deer tracks, but no bear tracks.  The humans are hopin’ they can meet up, that this trail will meet the ridge trail. 

OPPS!!!  Can’t get through, one way is blocked with a huge downed tree overgrown with blackberry brambles and this way P1010005 Drops straight off to, I can’t even see where!  If I won’t go this way I know my human Mom isn’t going! 

So it was back the way we came and home to supper. 

Today is Tuesday and the humans have lots of chores to do, so I’ll just lay around and dream.  See you when I have another adventure to share.

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