Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sam and the Blog Hop

Hi Y’all,

Do ya believe it! Saturday ag’in! Time to go to the “Hop”. But before I do, I wanna remind you of the special dogs from this past week who desperately need homes! Scroll down and look at them again!

Jus’ ‘cause they’re old or have a health problem they were discarded. Can you imagine this ol’ boy getting his Therapy Dog okay and goin’ to visit all the humans like him in nursing homes? Jus’ think of the empathy he’d have and how he’d enjoy the lovin’ and how much the humans would love being able to pat his old head.

Go ahead, scroll down to this weeks entries and look and Sam and the other Chessies we were able to show…and there are so many more on PetFinder and Chessie Rescue…and these are just Chesapeake Bay Retrievers…Think of all the Breeds out there!

As you “hop” around, check the “less adoptables” on the other websites!


  1. Hopped by to say HI! I'm sure hoping all these dogs find good homes really soon. How sad it must be to wait and wait and wait.

  2. Hi, Hawk! Thanks for stopping by - it's nice to meet you! I've never had a Chessie, but I do love them. I had a dog named Chester who I called Chessie - does that count? :)

  3. Happy Hopping. Maybe a hopper will give one of them a home!


  4. Hi Hawk! Fanks fur visiting my blog a few days ago! So glad to yus on da blog hop! I is now following yu!!
    happy blog hopping!
    giant wet kisses,

  5. Stopping by on the blog hop... sending lots of happy thoughts that those pups find homes!