Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Perfect Day!


What a perfect day yesterday was and today has started off a great one too. 

Yesterday there was not a cloud in the sky.  It was cold for my human Mom, but great for me! 

My human Mom likes to jog and most of the time we are on level ground so she and i left the car at the top of the hill about a half mile or so from the farm gate.  Well, i had her doin’ great…(big Chessie grin)…but then we started the long hill to the farm gate…such huffin’ ‘n puffin’!  Yes, of course i was pantin’!  The road climbs all the way to the gate, but she slowed to a walk before we were halfway up.  I tried to help by pullin’ ‘cause any place where it’s public i wear my lead.  When I pulled, she STOPPED!  I was only tryin’ to help!  When i got back beside her we started again.  I think she was usin’ my attempted aid as an excuse to stop and rest…i really do.  What do you think?

After we joined the car and my human Dad down the private farm road and I had a drink of water I tore around the hay field like a wild man!  There is nothing better than plenty of room to run free! 

P1010001 Then we started out through the trails and I met a giant black dog.  This dog smelled funny and is bigger than any black Lab you’ve ever seen!  I’ve see a field full of these dogs before, but my humans won’t let me go play with them.  There is a fence and I could get hurt if I went through it.  The humans tell me the big dog is Black Angus.  P1010008 I’m off now for more fun adventures!

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