Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Times Growing Short! Help the Homeless!


The Old and the Young!

This morning I was so tired from such a busy, busy day exploring yesterday, I couldn’t make up my mind which of these two beautiful Chessies to feature…So if you want a younger dog that needs someone to really, really spend time training and working with him…

  …there’s Painter  This beautiful Chessie is now in Maine at a Chesapeake Safe Harbor

But if you’ve gotten to the point in life that you just want a warm, furry head resting in your lap and looking up at you with adoring eyes…A listening ear…A well socialized boy who was abandoned by his family just because he was old…  Look at those sad, sad eyes He looks like he’s going to burst into tears…I know I would if I lost my home jes ‘cause I got old…suddenly everything you know is gone!  I feel so sorry for Sam.  He’s in Georgia at Pawsitive Causes Pet Rescue, Inc 

Sorry if I made you cry. Y’all come back now! 



  1. Painter and Sam are in good hands now, we hope they find their new forever homes soon. We are so sorry that people abandon their long term friends. We have Nala as a foster now, she is 12, deaf, partly blind and homeless. But she is so happy in her foster home while she is waiting.

    Painter will find a good home, someone that understands that "A dog is forever".

    Mogley G. Retriever

  2. His eyes are so very sad :(