Monday, October 4, 2010

AWARD! and lots of comments

I’ve gotten lots of questions and comments to my entries or in my email.  However, ahmmm, Sage at gave me an AWARD!  My FIRST AWARD!!! 

Sage, thank you very, very much! 

The rules that came with this award are the following:

  1. Please thank the dog who gave this to you, and link to them.
  2. Name 10 (yes 10) things about yourself. Try to be as creative as possible.
  3. Then, award 15 doggie bloggers. It doesn’t matter whether they are old or new. All furends deserve this.
  4. Comment on the new receivers of this award’s blog to let them know of the love.
  5. And the most important: HAVE FUN!!!

Now to the rules…

Thank you again Sage and thank you Sage’s Mom…(I have to remember the Mommies who bought the computers and help us share our tails, err, tales, err, blog!)  Y’all have ta check out their blog…they have cats that vie for attention and window time…and Toby! don’t forget Toby…the mentor, things stay hoppin’ 

Ten things about me…well that’s one thing! 

1. It’s all about ME! 

2. I’m an only dog.

3. I love other dogs of all sizes.

4. I love swimming, boating, playing ball, Frisbee, hide and seek.

5. I love long walks in new places, especially off leash.

6. I love meeting new people and dogs.

7. I love being brushed and vacuumed…yes, you heard right, vacuumed…try it, it’s great! If you learn to get vacuumed and you shed a lot, your Mom will LOVE you…really cuts down on the hair bunnies.

8. When the vacuum comes out, I like to lay down in front of it until Momma stops vacuuming the floors and vacuums me. 

9. When I’m excited I don’t know when to shut up…“quiet” is not an effective word…I do pause, but Momma finally figured out “enough” has a better effect.  

10. I have to help my Human Momma do everything, and in turn she lets me use her ‘puter to blog. 

Now, to the important part!  I get to give this award to 15 of my doggie blogging friends.  Thanks again Sage! for giving me an opportunity to pass this award onward.

First, a special friend who has lots of fun helping lots of Golden Friends, Mogley…

Then there is Mary and Aaron Fostor.  You must read this “blog in patience”.

The Bumpass Hounds is a special blog helping to make life better for homeless animals. They’ve already won lots of awards for their blog and their work.

The Blab Labs, Emerald and Tierra, can entertain with their own (mis)adventures.

My Momma used to have a Great Dane and loves this blog:

 Who doesn’t love a Golden.  I’ve been trying to get the humans to help me sneak around to Golden events ‘cause they have so much fun!  Here’s another great Golden!  I found her ‘cause I was lookin’ for treats without wheat.

Next up is You’ll love it.

Ever wonder about pet sitting? Check out 

Yoda is a neat Lab/Shepherd mix.

Goldens seem to have a talent for blogging. 

Like great dog photos?  You’ll love this site.

If you’d like to know more about Chessies and all of the things we can do check out Hazel at

Another great Chessie who enjoys blogging is Scout

The Dogs Are Really in Charge is a great blog about blog is about life with 2 dogs, 5 ferrets, a cat, and now a service puppy in training. “It's mainly to keep track of my training with the dogs and exploration into the world of competitive obedience, agility, and trick training”.

The Thundering Herd has lots of fun

I hope y’all enjoy my favorite blogs as much as I do!





  1. What an awesome award!


  2. Thank you for including us in your award. Now we have to figure out how to post it.

    Keep watching our site, we are going to be running a series on the lives of some of the rescue dogs we have re-homed.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  3. Woo - Congrats on the award and thanks so much for passing along to us. We hope to run into somewhere since we haunt the same areas!

  4. Thanks for the award, my fellow Chessie! It's much appreciated - woof!

  5. thanks for sharing all these nice facts about you. :) a lovely blog, you really deserved the award.

    xx from your new friends from germany :)!