Friday, October 1, 2010



Hi Y’all,

Just takin’ a moment to catch y’all up. 

I know, I know, I still owe you pics from last week before the rain!  But things are so crazy right now it’ll have to keep.  Since things haven’t gone exactly as expected.  So, I’ll have to catch you up when things settle down again. 

Wednesday, early, early morning, my Humans set off, with me in the back of the SUV, driving through the moonlight.  My Human Momma was driving. We got out of the mountains and rain started splattering on the car windows.  Great for sleeping, but evidently not so great for the drivers.  It wasn’t raining too hard, so we stopped for a rest break for all.  I got to check on all the visitors since I’d last been at this stop.  The rain started to come down harder, so we all dashed for the car and off we went.  Turns out we were going into a Tropical Storm.  Since my human Papa had an appointment, we had no choice but to keep on going. 

I slept while Momma sat and read and we waited in the car for Papa.  Finally Momma’s cell phone rang and Poppa was downstairs waiting for us.  Good thing too.  I heard him ask Momma if she had enough money to get out of the garage…she doesn’t carry more than two or three dollars…and, no, that wasn’t enough money.  Jes’  think!  I could ‘a been “the dog who never returned”, who “had to live forever…in the parkin’  garage…the dog who never returned.” 

Then we resumed drivin’ in the rain.  When we got to the shore I got fed and Momma took me out to play…the next thing I know she’s in bed asleep! 

Today was another crazy day with the Humans runnin’ around tryin’ to take care of everything they need to do. 

It’s going to be great boatin’ weather here, but the Humans are planning on going back to the mountains…something about seeing the leaves turn color.  I’m a water dog.  Boatin’ is more my thing!

More later and some pictures too.  Probably not tomorrow.  Momma is havin’ trouble with her computer wireless connection.  Papa’s computer is workin’ fine.  Momma’s is newer and she’s havin’ trouble.  I’d never try to use Papa’s, so I’ll have to keep you posted on the computer saga.

Take care friends! 

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  1. Im like your momma! I never have more than a couple bucks cash on me. The hubs always checks before we head out :)