Sunday, October 17, 2010

In Memory

I keep hearing the Humans talk about retrievers before me.  A couple years before I came to live with them there was another Chessie, a female, dark brown in color.  I’m male, light brown.  I’ve been curious about her so I started checking out pictures and I found these saved under “Candy’s website”.  I thought I’d share what I found. She was a rescue that the Humans adopted when their Flat Coat Retriever went to live over the rainbow.  She was 9 months old  when they got her, heart worm positive and “in heat”.  Since she was saved from a cement run, the Humans hated to have to leave her at the vet for heart worm treatment, but the vet let them visit and walk her twice a day while she was there. Her trip for her spay surgery was just an overnight stay.  Afterward the Humans never left her in a kennel again.  Everywhere they went, she went. 

 This was her favorite spot while the Humans tended their garden.  A favorite place to rest or supervise the work in the garden. Or she’d lend a helping hand.  The bird garden is like a jungle. The bird garden was like a jungle that she liked to stalk through.  Here comes Mama to take my nubbin. Here she lays with some chew bones so she can see outside and survey her domain.  These beds are great on old bones.She had big comfy beds too.  Mom!  He took my blanket! She had a kitty which she tolerated as he took over her blanket.  He was a neutered barn cat that the Humans brought in the house when stray Tom cats started picking on him when he became elderly.  Candy and Ghosty.

Candy with a friend.Here she is with a friend. Candy and Ghosty (cat)A tolerant moment she sleeps with the cat, Ghosty. Then in this next picture, she is watching for Papa to come home. Watching for "Daddy"Next she checks for goodies in the pantry Checking things out.  Here she is on the porch on a autumn day. Looking for a cool shady spot. Then here she is her 14th winter coming in from a bathroom the Humans dug for her in  the snow.

Coming back from the bathroom we dug out for her under the bushes.  Then to go back to an earlier happier time, this was her recall. Candy's response to "come" Here she is laying in the doorway of a hotel room waiting to be called to get in the car. And finally there was this picture of her running on the beach with our Human Momma. On the beach at the oceanThat’s a wave breaking behind her.  She went to that “over the rainbow” place just before her 16th birthday. 


  1. You are lucky that she tought your humans well. Because of her they know how to spoil you. If she had not trained them, they might think they could get away with no treats and no car rides. Memories are great.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  2. Looks like she had a nice life with your Mommy and Daddy! I'm glad she had so many good years with them and I hope you have at least that many!

    Elyse and Riley

  3. Hi Y'all, thanks for commentin'. Mogley, if I could find any pictures of the FlatCoat Retriever I'd maybe find some info about him and his pal a little girl Basenji. The Humans carried them with them as Papa's job took them from Florida to Canada and inbetween. Sometimes they lived in hotels for months. I like bein' in my own home and bed at night. But I love to travel too. Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. She looks like such a beautiful girl. Glad your humans got so long with her


  5. Thanks so much for visiting our blog and your kind comment. We are one of your newest followers and will look forward to visiting. Your blog is very appealing and we love all the beautiful photos you have posted. Thoroughly enjoyed our time visiting here. Have a Great Week! Erin & Mom

  6. What a beautiful post. We enjoyed reading about Chessie. She's beautiful character. We think you're very handsome too Hawk.

    Tee and the Dog Woods Pack