Tuesday, October 26, 2010






Paloma: Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Dog; Denver, CO

Age: 4 years

Sex: F

Hi, my name is Paloma and I am a four year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever that is on the smaller side weighing 59 pounds. You may have already read that I am blind but that does not slow me down a bit.

I love to meet new people and other dogs and when people meet me they are very surprised to learn that I can’t see them. I like having dog companions to learn from and play with so would like to go to a home with another dog.

I am able to see bright light so am happy to get out for a walk or, especially, to go for a swim. If you would like a running partner I can keep up and all that I ask is for you to let me know if there is a step by saying “step” to me.

I learned to use the dog door at my foster home my very first day and am reliable left loose in the house. I have cats at my foster home and quickly learned which ones are friendly and which ones are grumpy.

I also enjoy car rides and think it is great to put my nose out the window to smell the sites going by. Being blind does not make me as special as how sweet I am so if you would like to meet a sweet girl ask for Paloma!

Paloma is spayed and up to date on all her shots.

The above information is courtesy of Petfinder.com

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  1. She's so sweet! What a great dog--I hope she finds a furrever home soon!