Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday time to save

Final hike of the day.I have a happy home.  If you have paws and are thumb challenged and are reading this post, you probably have a happy home too. 

The Humans go to a place called “church” and talk about someone called “God” and sometimes I hear talk of “being saved”.  This is all a little beyond me.  However, I understand “being saved” in my terms.  Whenever I post pictures of other Chessies in need of homes, I think they need to be saved. I understand “being saved” in my terms…What are you doing?finding a home like I have always had.  Now Dog and Human Bloggers are trying to spread the word about the auction of 800 puppy mill dogs in Missouri.  So won’t you help spread the word to all your friends on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. The more Humans we reach the more chance we’ll save another dog! 

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On Oct. 29 and 30th one of the largest puppy mills in Missouri will be closing their doors. Over 800 dogs will be put up for auction. Everyone in rescue wants these mills to shut their doors….now what are we going to do for these dogs? If we do nothing they will all go right back into the mills bought by other breeders. We can make sure that doesn’t happen and give them a chance at a new life in a loving home.
Southside Animal Shelter is partnering with animal welfare advocates to rescue as many of these dogs as possible. Volunteers will be going to Missouri to try and obtain the release of senior dogs so they aren’t forced to continue a life in a puppy mill. To do this we need temporary foster and/or adoptive homes for these survivors.
We don’t know what breeds we will be able to bring back with us, but most are smaller breeds. Most of these dogs have lived their entire lives in cages with minimal human contact. These dogs will take more time and patience than a typical dog. They may need to be house-trained, learn to trust people, learn to walk on grass or concrete and learn to know they are loved.
If you feel you can help one of these survivors find a forever home and are willing to open your home as a temporary foster, please let us know. Contact Robin at We need a firm commitment before we leave on Thursday, October 28th.
If you are not able to foster one of these pets, we still need your help. Many of these dogs will have medical or dental issues, will need vaccinations, altering and grooming. Southside Animal Shelter is setting up a special fund to help pay for this. You can donate by going to Chip In to Rescue Missouri Dogs or sending a check to Southside Animal Shelter, 1614 W Edgewood Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46217. Be sure to indicate this donation is for the Missouri Dogs.
Please Donate today to help give these dogs a chance at a new life. As of Friday evening I have been told that there are Rescue Organizations that can take in up to 400 of the dogs being auctioned. There are still 400 more dogs being released by this mill to be auctioned off at this event. While no one wants to put money into the pockets of the millers the fact that this mill is closed for good is the main reason why they want to get them all out of the system. I can't even imagine the horrific condition these dogs will be in when they are brought out for auction we can only hope that that will be their last day of hell and their new lives can begin.
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Urgent Need 2 Save Dogs (10/29-30) at 1 of the largest dog auctions in Missouri.

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  1. I wish I could save all the dogs out there. It's sad to think that not all dogs know what a loving home is.

    Elyse and Riley

  2. I really hope all those pups find good homes


  3. Hi Hawk,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love to make new friends!

    I hope all those dogs find a loving place to go. When is our country going to stand up and outlaw all puppy mills? It is way past time if you ask me! Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now....

    Emma Rose

  4. Nice post!
    We enjoyed our visit here.
    Hugs and belly rubs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy