Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Oct 3, 2010

Hi Y’all! 

After a few days of rain and boredom, we left the mountains.

Check out the previous entry about the trip through a tropical storm and me almost ending up stuck forever in a parking garage ‘cause my Human Momma doesn’t believe in carrying money. 

I was happy to get back at the shore and ran around, played Frisbee and was looking forward to getting back to where we can walk for miles off leash.  Momma never got her camera out, spent time in the office checking out mail, taking off to do Human stuff and when she could relax in her easy chair, found her laptop had stopped picking up the Internet signal from there. So not only didn’t I get to star in any pictures, but I couldn’t post anything either!

Then we loaded up the car and took off again for the mountains.  Yesterday was a perfect day!  Sunny and not too hot.  We stopped at my favorite rest stops and at the orchard to pick up some late peaches. Then we stopped at a rest stop when we reached the foot of the parkway.  We stopped just for me.  My Human Momma put a long check cord on my collar and I got to really stretch my legs as well as check out the smells.  Then, while we were all getting a drink, a couple came over to make over me.  He’d had a couple of Chessies and was so excited to see me.  Finally we all loaded up and made it back to the mountains. 

The house was cold.  It was chilly up here.  Today the temperature only reached 52 degrees Fahrenheit. (That’s 11 degrees Celsius for my Canadian friends and friends abroad.) The Humans turned on the heat. 

Obviously the connection here is working fine on Momma’s ‘puter.  My Human Papa hasn’t had any problems with his laptop anywhere.

So let me show a few pictures from before we left, when things were exciting. 

  Remember the funny long eared dogs that were watching me and my Human Momma on an earlier post “Remember How Lucky I Am”.  They were way off in their barn.  Last week they came out to check us out.  I sat quietly and watched them watch us.

  This little fellow was with the other two.  The Human says it’s called a donkey.Then at the farm, I checked out the big black dogs, ah, Angus.  Don’t they look like fun?  But I’m not allowed to play with them!  Not even this one with a white face. 

Then, another day we took a walk down a trail none of us had been on before. The Humans kept me on a leash ‘cause they weren’t sure what we’d find. Moving right along, here is the view we found on another trip we took exploring our mountains. Then we went for a walk and looked from our lofty perch into another state. Yep! That’s me rompin’ around.  Momma always trusts me off leash, but sometimes traffic, leash laws or the unknown require a leash to keep the peace. Y’all notice I’m rarely far off.

Next trip we took was to an old abandoned family farm. Generations were raised here, but only the main part of the house remains.

Here I am checking out the fields.

Is this a beautiful day or what?   Here I am leading the way to the old barn.  That’s a Human Uncle following me.  Looking up through the trees.  If I had wings!  What’s left of the old homestead.The fireplace is gone. It was a double and there was a room on the other side that is no longer there.  Now they just store hay in here.  What’s left of the mud that insulated the logs. The view from what would have been the front porch. The old apple tree beside the house.Butterflies abounded. Later we checked out a couple of cemeteries.

 After these days of fun we stayed home because of the rains.  Then we had our trip.  Now I’m lookin’ forward to some new adventures. 

It’s goin’ to be cold this week.  Temps tonight should be in the mid 30’s Fahrenheit (30F = –1C, mid 30’s or 35F = 1.6C). That means I’ll get to go and do a lot more! 

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  1. those mountains look like an awesome place to visit!