Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Again…


Hi Y’all!

I made out like a bandit this week!  My Human had to go to the city Thursday, so I got two “man days”. 

I got lots of walks and lots of fun rides in the golf cart.  Also got plenty of play time ‘cause the day was cool for a low country day this time of year. 

Above Papa sends me.

Of course I bring it back full tilt even if it is only a ball.

Below I’m watching Papa for a release.  I know, I know! I’m not sitting.  What can I say?  Papa’s not strict like Momma. 

Gotta go now!  See y’all around!


  1. "Man days" rule! You really scored having two this week, Hawk. No surprise that you have such a spring in your step!

    Have a great weekend,
    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  2. Don't worry! Kira is just celebrating making it one full year since she got hurt!

    Murphy the golden retriever :)

  3. Wow - 2 man days?! Gus is having a man morning and I'm sure it will involve some fetch. :)

    Great actions shots - I'm envious of all that beautiful green grass!

  4. Go Hawk, go! Looks like the guys had fun! Love the action shots and the one of Hawk looking at the camera.

  5. What a fun day! I can see you really had a prance in your step!


  6. So glad you get to enjoy your Man Days but I know you love you mom time too!


  7. Wow! looks like you had some great fun on your "man days"!! :) Bet you're glad to have mom home though too! -Tammy

  8. We love seeing you in action, Hawk! Have a fun weekend!!

    Rottie Kisses

  9. You look fast like the wind!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Funny - it's the same in our house - mom is strict and dad isn't! But, you dogs are smart enough to figure out that the rules are different for dad and mom.

    Great photos, Hawk!