Sunday, May 22, 2011



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The other day I mentioned that the boat hasn’t been here ‘cause it was having a problem.  The mechanic thought it was just the injectors and we needed to run it with lots of injector fluid. 

It didn’t get in the water last year ‘cause the drought had the water too low for safe boating.  Lots of folks went out anyway.   Flat bottom fishing boats don’t draw much, so they’re safe if there’s no warnings flying. 

So we went out but stayed close to home.  Papa didn’t want to get out in the open water in the channel, cause he didn’t feel safe.

Then, when he tried to increase our speed a wee might, the engine shut down.  The current started carrying us toward a neighbors’ property.                               

Finally we drifted close enough that my Human could pole us close enough to catch a tree branch, after checking it for snakes.  It was about now all my problems started. 

My Human was wearing jeans and rubber soled sandals.  In her pockets she had the truck keys and key fob and her cell phone.  She and I get on the bow and look down at the water.  We see bottom. 

She’s got a rope in her hands and tells me to get back in the boat and “sit”.  I hop back, but the life jacket tickles and tightens on my belly when I sit.  So I stand up again. 

Suddenly she jumps off the bow.  Forgot she was an old woman I guess, cause she lost her balance and I dove to her rescue!

She’s hollerin’ something to me about “sit”, but she was in the water.  I didn’t realize she’d caught herself with her hand before she drowned her keys and phone.  Now she’s wading knee deep  and I’m paddling around…finally I get to swim…she tugs the bow up and ties the boat so it can’t swing sideways and beach. 

Now Papa gets the boat started and he wants me and Momma back on the boat.  Remember I weigh 100 lbs. and Momma doesn’t weigh too much more.  She puts the ladder down on the bow. 

Now I try swimming to where it’s deeper and Papa starts hollering to get me out of the water so the prop doesn’t pull me under.  

Momma tries to lift me up after she puts my front paws on the ladder.  I’ve never learned how to climb and she can’t really help me ‘cause of my size.  So, she and Papa decide she’ll walk me home through the neighbors’ and Papa will go straight back to the pier.  She pushes the boat out and grabs my tab lead. 

We got back to the pier about the same time as the boat.  Momma was wet and I was wet. 

Momma won’t let me back on the boat when it pulls out…or maybe it hasn’t pulled out…I heard Papa saying something about the mechanic coming this week to replace one of the fuel pumps.



  1. You're so brave to jump in and try to save your momma from that knee-deep water!! Good boy, Hawk!!

  2. BOL, oh what a comedy that must have been. (Though suppose not many humans were laughing at the time. Too bad about the boat. Those are FUN!

  3. Oh no!!! But it makes for a good story! Poor mom - it stinks to fall in the water and drown your goodies. Do they make doggie ramps for boats? ;)

  4. Oh dear! Sounds like you had your heart in the right place to make sure momma was safe! Bummer about the boat, though. :(

  5. OH boy. You put on quite the show for the neighbors!

    What a good dog you are, trying to rescue your momma.

  6. Hawk that is a wonderful story with you trying to save your mama!!

    Kirby's trainer's dog is a Chesapeake retriever so I know how smart you must be!!

    And I love this blog with the water in the background - beautiful!

  7. Just doing your job, right Hawk? So glad no one was hurt and everyone was safe. Hope they figure out what wrong with the boat.

  8. Way to go Hawk...saving your human and finally getting to swim! :)

  9. Wow, that was quite an adventure. I'm glad that you and your mom are OK! I understand that you wanted to save your mom even though she told you to sit. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own paws.

    Does mom have to get a new phone?

    In any case, I'm glad that you're both ok.

  10. Jeepers, Hawk, that was trouble, indeed. Glad it worked out in the end, though.