Thursday, May 19, 2011



Hello!  My name is Riley! and I am deaf.  

I’m in foster care after my family dropped me off to be boarded until they could come get me.  You guessed it, they never came back. 

You know what?  Foster care isn’t all bad.  I’m learning to communicate with humans.  I think this will be a valuable skill when I find my forever home. 

I want some special people for a forever family. 

Now that I’ve learned I can communicate with humans, I want a family willing to continue to help me learn more hand signals.  I bet I can do all those fancy obedience things other dogs do, if someone will take the time to work with me.

I’m a big boy, normal Chessie size of 80 lbs.  I’m a young adult, well past all that chewing stuff.  They tell me I’m only around 4 years old in human terms. 

I like living in a house with the humans.  I’m what you humans call “housebroken”.  I love getting lots of affection.  I love getting groomed.  I love car rides.  I love swimming.  I love playing fetch with the tennis ball and I could learn to retrieve all kinds of things for you. 

If you have kids big enough to communicate with me and play with me, I would love it.  I also like having other dogs to play with, but kids only would be fine.  A fenced yard would be wonderful, ‘cause then I could go out and play and be safe, especially if there were other dogs to play with me like my foster family does. 

Please, if you know a family that would want to be my forever family, or if you are that family, click on my name or my picture to go to my Petfinder page and contact Pals for Paws for me.


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Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation
P.O. Box 50037
Arlington, VA 22205
Phone: (703) 295-DOGS



  1. Riley, you are one handsome fellow. We're sure you'll find your furever home soon!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  2. Shared, fingers crossed for Riley