Friday, May 20, 2011

What Did I See Last Weekend?


Remember this picture?













Behind me is what I was lookin’ at…                     


It’s been havin’ a little problem                                                                                    Here I am checking it out.  I was so glad to see it back! 













The pump I’m lookin’ at in the picture above is for the sprinkler system, not the boat.  Below I continue my check. 












Tomorrow I’ll show y’all some pictures of some of my rides. 



  1. Oh wow! We're jealous! Can't wait to see your pictures. :)

    JOn Farleigh and Dewi

  2. Looks like your a handy-dog to have around Hawkeye!! Making sure everything is ready to go. Hope you have a great boat ride!!

  3. Lucky dog You! I bet you look cute when it goes fast, fast, fast...your ears flying back in the wind.

  4. Boating AND dogs?! Life is grand in your end of the world. : )
    Just Ramblin'