Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lola’s Thursday


Hi Y’all!

Today I want to introduce you to a very special lady called “Lola”.   She needs a forever home.  If you love to have a friend to go to obedience class with you, hike with you and learn to do just about anything, Lola is the dog for you!  Presenting “LOLA”!!!


Hi everybody!  I was just a stray.  I had never lived in a house before.  I was in a lot of discomfort too. 

My days here have been busy ones!  I’ve gotten my shots, been spayed and microchipped.  I also had a surgery to fix my eyelids.  They were really hurting me. 

I’ve got all that stuff behind me now!  I’m learning about living in a house with you humans.  Stuff like microwaves, TVs and washing machines all make funny and sometimes loud noises that are scary.  I’ve never heard noises like that before.  Even the computer makes funny sounds. 

I love being with people and having a foster sister to play with me.

My foster human is spending lots of time helping me learn stuff my foster sister learned when she was young…you know, stuff like “sit” and “down”. 

Here’s a couple more pictures they took of me.

If you would like to give me a forever home, click on my pictures, my name or the contact information. 

I’m at the Chessie Rescue in Suffolk, VA.  You can call them at 757-484-7858.              

Stop and read what my foster family has to say about me!   

Oh, I’m supposed to say “thank you for reading about me”.













  1. Luna, I hope you find a wonderful furr-ever home soon. You're a pretty girl!!


  2. Lola I mean!!! Oops.. sowwy!!


  3. Lola, you're gorgeous!! We're sure someone will snatch you up soon!!

  4. Every time I read your blog and see another dog needing a home, I want to go right out and snatch it up...unfortunately, we're not in a position to get one just now.
    But keeping Lola in my thoughts so that she can find a new For ever home. :)

  5. Lola... Trixie wants you to know that SHE was a stray too! And now of course she has a forever home! We know it will happen for you too. You are such a pretty dog! Let us know when the perfect family finds you! :D