Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gettin' Even Continued!


Hi Y’all!

Now, where was I when I was interrupted yesterday?  Oh, yes, I left the Humans in my dust!

I raced ahead and around a turn in the trail down another trail where I’d found recent bear sign.  

And what happened! ?  I surprised the unsuspecting!  Wow did I! 

Such a noise as I ever heard!  It was so loud!

I heard my Human yell “Hawkeye!”  She must have heard it too!  I heard the “come” whistle! 


Pantin’ I wheeled and headed back to the Humans! 

My Human was so happy, actually relieved, when I returned in one piece. 

Oh, you want to know what made the noise?  I jumped a flock of turkey.  My Human said it sounded like a fight.  I think she thought a bear coyote or wild boar had gotten me. 


Y’all come back now! 





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