Thursday, October 27, 2011




Howdy Folks!

My name is Patty!  Look into my eyes and I am yours forever…I hope.

They think cause I have some wavy hair but it’s mixed with some silver that I part Chesapeake Bay Retriever and part Weimaraner.  They found me as a stray so they don’t know.  I sure didn’t ask my parents what breed they were…didn’t occur to me at the time.  I was more interested in playing and my next meal. 

I’m not all that old.  Think I’m about 2 human years.  I’ll do anything to please you, especially if you have FOOD! 

I’m still young and active and love to romp and play.  If I could have my wish the perfect home would have lots of energetic active people and maybe another rough and tumble dog to play with when you’re busy with people stuff.

They tell me that you need to call me if you would like to meet me.  I love people and would love to meet YOU!Please click on my name or picture to go to my Petfinder page. My contact information is:  PattyParis Animal Welfare Society, Paris, KY • 859-988-9800 •

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