Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Got Your Purse, Momma! Lets Get Out of Here!


Hi Y’all!

Let me pick up my story where I left off yesterday.  The entire family was in the car and we were off!  But where?

Let me see…this way goes back to the shore…but we never travel there in this car…that doesn’t bode well!  Oh NO!!! We’re pulling into the VET!!!

Well, I’ll just go in and sit and maybe my Human is just getting me some more food.  Yes, surely that’s it.  Hey, there goes one of those fuzzy cats. 

“Why hello Mr. Hawk, how are you?”  While I’m watchin’ the cat the vet sneaks up on me!  She does give nice caresses.  So my Human and I get up and follow her into a room…BIG MISTAKE!!!  WHERE’S THE DANG CAT WHEN YOU NEED HIM? 

She shut both doors!  Hey, Momma, she shut both doors!  I wheeled around, grabbed my Human’s purse and tried to escape.  I only succeeded in tangling my Human in my leash!  Hey HUMAN!!! HEY MOMMA!!! OPEN THE DOOR!!!  LET’S GET OUTA HERE!!!

Ooooohhh, those caresses do feel good!  Oh, she noticed my poor hairless feet and told my Human to keep using the cortisone spray. 

What are you doing Doc?  What’s that nasty lookin’ thing?  HELP!  She’s got my ear!!! Do something Momma!!! Now the other ear!!! 

What are you doing sneakin’ here?  What’s that funny apron you’re wearing?  I know you, but you smell funny in that apron.  Why are you holding me?  THIS ISN’T FAIR!  I’ve got an assistant holding me and DOC’S messin’ with my butt!  Momma’s just standin’ there holdin’ my leash.  She’s not doing anything to save me!  

Finally, I managed to drag my Human outside.  Let me get away from those dumb cats who evidently think it’s okay to LIVE with those ear picken, butt snoopin’ crazy people! 

And off we went! Yes!  I got my hike in the woods!  Maybe the vet wasn’t too big a price to pay. Y’all come back now!  

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