Thursday, October 13, 2011

We’d Like to Live Together!


Hi Y’all,

Hawk here!Aren’t these two a handsome pair? They are very bonded and would love to be adopted together.  Both are neutered males.  Their age is thought to be about 6 human years. They were found wandering together and are friendly and playful. 

They seem to have been living together for some time. No one knows for sure, but it is thought that they were abandoned.  They are keeping their mouths closed and refuse to say anything about what happened to them.


Meet Polar, a handsome yellow lab. 













I’d like you to meet Grizzly. Isn’t he a handsome chocolate?

Click on their name or picture to go to their Petfinder page.  You can contact the pair directly at:

Cornelius Animal Shelter
Cornelius, NC

Below are more pictures of the pair.




No pictures of me today.  It’s important y’all just meet Polar and Grizzly and help find them a home. 

Thanks for stoppin’  and helpin’!

 Y’all come back now!


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