Friday, October 28, 2011

Where Are We Going? Where? Where?


Hi Y’all! 

Let me tell you, you can never trust a Human!  I got up yesterday morning, Thursday, all excited.  I envisioned going for a hike.  A wintery mix was scheduled, so I wanted to get out and ZOOM…

We all piled into the car!  YES!!!  And off we went! 

The first thing that went wrong: they turned the wrong direction!  I started yappin’!  Got a finger in my face and told to “’SHHH!”.  So I sat there whimperin’ like a puppy. 

Okay, things are lookin’ okay!  The parks right up ahead!  Yes! 


You passed the park!!!

You passed the park!!!  Where are y’all going?

Where are you going? 

Y’all come back now and find out where I went!


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