Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dark of the morning

I’ve finished breakfast and I’m feeling like a nap already.  It doesn’t even look like morning yet!  But I wanted to get an early start to the day and head to the Farmers Market just as it opens.  Then I hope to have some time to “hop around”   

My friend Mogley G. Retriever is still running his series on Fosters.  He’s a great blogger and his humans are borrowing his blog to help him with this feature.  You won’t see him on the Blog Hop ‘cause he’s too busy takin’ care of the homeless, but let me supply the link again!    Mogley    Trust me!  You won’t be disappointed.


  1. Happy Hopping! I hope you get some goodies at the market!


  2. Thanks for recommending Mogley's blog!

  3. Hi Yoda, Thought you'd enjoy Mogley's tales. Thanks for stoppin'!

  4. Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by Riley's blog. We don't have any CBR friends, you're the first! I've always thought they were beautiful though.

    Elyse and Riley

  5. What a handsome Boy you are. Don't think we have ever met a CBR in real life before. Why aren't you allowed to hunt? We hunt all the time (lizards, birds, squirrels, leaves) mommy never lets us get any of them because we go out on a leash but we still have fun!

    Davinia & Indiana

  6. Isn't a nap always in order regardless of the time of day? That way, you are always prepared for anything exciting that might happen.

    Mogley's series has been superb. We LOVE rescue stories.

  7. Hi

    thanks for commenting on my blog. it is nice to meet a dog that is from the same area as me (the southeast). I like hearing about rescue stories! Thanks for posting them!

    Paws and Licks