Thursday, April 7, 2011

Buddy Needs a Human Buddy

My name is Buddy and I’m in doggie jail with no one to bail me out unless you want to help me! 

I’m micro chipped but my Humans could not be found.  I can’t believe they moved and didn’t leave a forwarding address!  These people aren’t sure that I am a pure bred Chessie, so I’m listed as a Chessie, Lab mix. 

I was alone and hungry and some nice people befriended me.  I thought I was so lucky, but instead I ended up here, in doggy jail. 

I think I’m about 7 yrs. old in Human years. I still have lots of energy to play and have fun with you.   I behave like the gentleman that I am when walking on a leash.  I won’t mess in your house.  I want to be with you in the house, but I know the outdoors is where I need to go to potty. 

I get along okay with other dogs, but like to have time to get to know them first.  After having to fend for myself for awhile I need to get comfortable with strange dogs first.  Cats don’t bother me. 

When they brought me here they neutered me, vaccinated me, wormed me, trimmed my nails and treated me with Frontline for fleas and ticks.  I’m already to become the most important Buddy in your life.  I am a big fellow, but don’t let that slow you down because I have the energy to keep up! 

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Buddy's Contact Info

Adopt-A-Pet, Shelton, WA


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  1. Buddy you're waiting for your new best friend not too far from where I live ... I'm sharing your profile with my friends! Best of luck, Buddy!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years