Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes


Hi Y’all,

This is the time of year we really get to enjoy the migration. Bird migration that is.  Some of them stay around and nest here while others move on north. 

Right now the Egrets are pairing up.  Eventually some will move on to their own territories.  This time of year, however, you see them hunting in pairs and flocks.  In the picture above I am watching one searching for his

supper alone. 

His friends are over in the cove to my right. 

Ah, he spied me! He’s watching me watch him. 


To the right is the cove and the rest of his friends.

There is so much to watch!  You can see the Egret I was watching in the upper

left hand corner of the picture. 

Oh, it’s just the friendly neighborhood goose.  Bet his mate is sitting on her nest. 

But these pictures were taken earlier in the week. 

We had to load up and leave the dogwoods and azaleas behind and head to the mountains for my vet appointment on April Fools Day.  Mother Nature had an April Fool in store for us!  We woke up Friday morning to SNOW!  At our elevation there are only forsythia and daffodils in bloom.  There were SNOW PLOWS salting the roads!  Can you imagine?  Sigh…Hopefully my Human can download some pictures for y’all tomorrow.

Y’all come back now. 


  1. You're such a good boy to not chase the birds! Not sure my boys would know what to do if they saw a bird that size!

  2. Welcome back to the mountains! You can never tell up here when we will get a little snow, huh?

  3. We had snow here in PA the other day too! Tanner loved it. He also enjoys watching all the birds in our yard, and the bunnies. He does not seem to want to chase them, yet.

  4. Love the bird pics!! Sage doesn't pay much attention to them either.

  5. Beautiful pictures. We had snow today too. But lately that is not really

  6. What beautiful visitors you have there! It finally feels like spring is here when the birds finally make their appearance. I'm sorry about your snow, but we had so little of it this year, that I'm jealous...