Thursday, April 21, 2011



Hi Y’all!

Like Hawk, I’m a southeastern Chessie.  But I’m a gal! 

In people years I’m between 1 and 3.  I’ve got the MOST gorgeous wavy red coat you ever did see.

I love people and have a TON of stocked up wet kisses to share with a special someone who wants to share their home with me forever! 

I LOVE everyone I meet, human and dog!

I love dogs.  I prefer more dominant dogs or even no dogs. 

I have a big EGO, but I am very, very affectionate.  I walk nicely.  I’m medium energy.

My requirements for a home are very simple.  I want a home where I can get lots and lots of attention. In return I promise to always welcome you with open paws and share all those stored up wet kisses and some gentle body butts.

I’m in the Darlington County Humane Society in Darlington, SC.  I’m neutered and up to date on all my shots.

My telephone number is


and my email is:

Click on any of my pictures or my contact info to go to my Petfinder page.

Stay tuned tomorrow when Hawk answers the questions y’all have been asking about training a dog to respond to whistle commands.  It’s really quite simple, really.  It only requires consistency, but I’ll leave the explanations to him. 

In the meantime, I hope you’ll come visit me! 




  1. I hope you find your forever home very soon Chessie! You are beautiful! Good luck!
    Princess Kisses

  2. Chessie! You deserve just the place you want with good people to be with you. Good luck in finding just the right home!


  3. Beautiful girl!! Sending you those "forever home" vibes...