Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Aren’t You Swimming BrownDog?


Hi Y’all!

I got a neat ball for my birthday in March!  It really bounces great! 

Above you see me with the ball.  To the left I discover the ball will roll down the pier, allowing me to play even if the Human doesn’t want to join in the fun. 

Sigh, so the Human wasn’t allowing me to swim this spring.  I’ve always been swimming by now.  So I got this great idea when we walked out to the end of the pier.

I always carry something when I’m outside, in case you haven’t noticed.  This time my Human had given me my birthday ball to take. While my Human was taking some neat bird pictures, I set the ball on the end of the pier and pushed it with my nose.  On the water end their isn’t any slope, so I had to push hard.  When my Human turned around and noticed I wasn’t holding the ball she told me to “find your toy”.  I went down on the little sand spit that is the only beach.  Unfortunately for my plan, the current was pushing it toward the shore, so I only got to wade in a little way!

But my Human made sure I got right out of the water.  I was hoping she’d get the idea and throw it out for me to catch.  But she’d seen something else, and determined there would be no swimming for this brown dog.

Yes, that is our friendly neighborhood gator swimming in our inlet. 


  1. OMD! A gator? HAWK - *get out of the water this instant*. Those overgrown angry lizards are *terrifying*. Stay dry, Hawk and stay safe.

  2. stay away from the Gator!


  3. Watch out for that gator!!! But a good plan, definitely :)

  4. Darned gator!! You had such a smart plan, Hawk!!

  5. Heehee leave to a Chessie to figure a way to get into the water (even just a little). But oh nasty gator...must not swim with them Hawk!

  6. Yikes! I don't think I'd let you swim either, Hawk. Gators are scary.