Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vet Visit


Hi Y’all,

I had my check up with my nice lady vet yesterday, Friday, morning.

I came through with flying colors!  No infections anywhere!  No April Fool!

Sometimes my Human has trouble getting me to sit all the way down.  I sort of crouch.  When the vet pulled on that rubber glove I knew what was coming.  I backed up in the corner and glued my rear to the floor and gave her my best Chessie glare!  It did not phase her.  She got down on the floor with me and the next thing I knew she pronounced everything was normal!  Whew! 

Now that y’all have followed the saga of  my allergies and I have reassured y’all with the news from my recent check up, I’ll send you off to visit friends on the Saturday Blog Hop. 


  1. Normal is wonderful! Very good news!

  2. Excellent! I'm glad all is well. xoxo

  3. Whoohoo! This must have been Vet week--at least for you & me. Glad you don't have to go through it again for another year...(me too!!)

  4. WOO HOO!! Have a Happy Weekend y'all!!

  5. Hooray for the awesome checkup!


  6. So glad your check up went well. I am still really amazed by your story. So glad your human didn't give up and now that you a nice vet, sounds like you are being taken care of very well. We're so happy for you and your humans.

  7. We are glad everything is ok!
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Howdy y'all,
    Yes, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! :) Y'all note I've been practising talkin' like y'all? Not bad, considering I'm an English dawg, I mean dog :)
    Anyway, ever so glad your check-up at the vets, went well. My human tells me the vets can be very expensive but I'm worth it.
    Pawsitive wishes, n'stuff, y'all, Penny x

  9. Yay! Good news!! (I'm glad it's not April Fool's too!!) -Tammy