Friday, April 8, 2011

Home Away From Home


Hi Y’all,

My buddy Sage over at The (mis)Adventures of Sage(here) mentioned that his Mom uses acupuncture for her allergies.  Thanks Sage.  My Humans both use acupuncture and in the past have used it with the horses.  At one point they were considering taking me to the great state of Florida where an old friend of theirs, who studied acupuncture in China, practices veterinary medicine.  My Human Mom does use massage to help me relax. 

Paw City Times (here) suggested writing a letter to the vet office where the vet hollered at my Human.  We are in such  small rural towns, both at the shore and in the mountains, that the vets own their own practice.  The girls at the desk and the part time tech are his friends or family members.  Basically, the vet that yelled is a good caring vet, but since I go to another vet part of the season, he may not have felt my Human was properly caring for me. 

The dogs over at rottrover (here) love the Wubba too. My Human leaves mine in the mountains.  I have different toys at the shore. 

I told y’all when we got up the mountains it snowed on April Fools Day.  I was shocked, even though my Human warned me it would be chilly and spring there several weeks behind the shore. 








I asked my Human “Where are the leaves?” 

There was some forsythia and some daffodils blooming but all looking sort of sad and bedraggled from the weather. 

I was glad when the sun came back out.  Tomorrow I’ll share the pictures of my sunbeam.

I was also happy when we got back in the car and headed back to the shore! 

Here you see me in my run for joy and below I’m checking out the scents!    

Tomorrow, y’all come by and check me out with my mountain sunbeam. 

I’ll leave you with the evening sun on the water.











  1. Pretty water shot! Looks very peaceful. :)

  2. The good part of mountain living is we have had every season - and all in this week.

  3. Hawk certainly looks very happy to be back near the water.

  4. Man, I'd love to be at the shore right now. Sniff some fresh air for me, Hawk.

  5. Bart has a pinched nerve in his neck. He's been on steroids and muscle relaxers, but this is the second time in two months that it has flared up. Monday he had acupuncture for it. What a huge difference it made. We have another appointment next week. I'm going to try to do a post about it. But he seems happier and bouncier than he's been in quite a while. I wish they could talk... (dogs, not acupuncturists...)

  6. Our dog have had great results with acupuncture also. However, it's always been for joint issues or other kinds of pain, never for allergies.

    I loved the Wubba playing post! Great photos!

    You all are very lucky to have both a shore home and a mountain home. You can choose which beautiful place you want to be. Have fun!

  7. We also love our wubba! It died recently though so we need the bosslady to get us another.