Thursday, April 14, 2011


Bath Time Questions and Answers

Hi Y’all!

The last few days have been beautiful here at the shore.

I had lots of comments and questions about having my own shower. 

I don’t have my own shower at the mountain house.  There I have to share with the Humans.  My Human tries to bathe me when we are at the shore ‘cause my hair haunts the shower and bathroom for days afterward.  My Human has to keep cleaning and cleaning and still hair appears as if there is a ghost dog hiding in the bathroom. 

We were just lucky that the people who built the shore house had a big dog too. 

Over at Paw Print City Times (here) Darby goes to the “dog wash” when he needs a bath.  Is that like a beauty salon?  Like where my Humans get their hair washed and groomed?  Where we live is so rural it would be a long drive to find a dog “hair dresser”.

Dog is God in Reverse (here) said I look like I love getting a bath.  I really do love it.  Sometimes, when we are up in the mountains, I try to sneak in the shower door. 

A bath is a special time.  It gets rid of all the heavy loose hair.  It gives me a nice scratching and massage.  Plus I get the extra attention from my Human. 

Since I am itchy with allergies it is tough to balance baths so I don’t end up getting more itchy from dry skin.

Hound Girl (here) didn’t think my Human understands about swimming.  I would have gotten my bath after my swim, but that ol’ alligator looked kind of threatening.  Normally, this time of year is when I do my swimming. 

Life is Like a Box of Nuggets (here) thought a bath was punishment.  I want to assure them that I love my bath!  

If y’all missed me getting a bath you can see the pictures here.

Now it’s time for me to leave y’all! 


  1. Lookin' good, my friend! Wow is it nice where you live!

  2. They have drive through dog washes, just tell your human to leave the windows open on the car when he washes the outside of the car.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  3. My hooman says that a dog wash is kinda like a car wash except it's for dogs. I'm not sure that's such a good idea. I don'ts thinks I'll be hopping in da car if she tells me we're going der. Have you ever seen those things?

  4. We're all getting baths this weekend! We're filthy, butt like you, we love baths. Extra scratches, massage and ATTENTION!!! YAY!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  5. My Mom doesn't bathe me at all! She is too lazy! She just has me groomed! You are one handsome guy and I love the water background on your blog....This blog is very cool!!! Thanks for stopping by to visit!
    Barks and licks, Dakota...ohhh...the name on here is my brother and Mom's "other" blog so don't think you don't know blog is Dakota's Den

  6. my three think its silly that you love the bath!


  7. Cracking up about the ghost dog in the bathroom - I can totally understand that!

  8. Hey Hawk,

    A dog wash is a place where the bathtubs are waist-high for your people. They have ramps, shampoo and conditioner, towels and dryers. All we bring is the Doodlebug and when we're done, they do all the clean-up! It's terrific for us, but as you mentioned, we're city dwellers.