Friday, June 7, 2013

Follow Up and Wind Up!


Hi Y’all!



It’s time once more for Follow Up Friday…winding up another week in the life of a retriever enjoying life as a family pet. 

Let’s get right to your questions!

About “Weekend Wonders”…Sam says “hopefully you wore him out?”


He was only 8 months old to my 7 years…it was difficult!


I got lots of questions about Samplin’ Sunday!



Goose wants to know “what’s on the menu?”

Molly wanted to know what I licked?

Sugar asked if I saw something tasty and what was it?

JoAnn asks if I took a taste of grass.

The 2 (now 3) browndawgs asked, “so what did you sample?” 

Notice the picture below and the opening photo…


We dogs have a scent gland in the roof of our mouths that connects to our brain…so “tasting the air” helps us to smell.  Sometimes we can’t identify the scent, because it is something with which we aren’t familiar.  Hope that answers your questions…I’m tasting the air!


On the “Final Chapter of Etiquette Training”, Amber daWeenie wants to know if “it’s better than a pawshake?”









It’s certainly less threatening! 

The 2 now 3 browndawgs commented that it looks like spring is in full swing here. 


My friends, spring is ending in the high country.  Summer with all its sweltering heat and humidity is in full swing here in the low country! 



Which brings me to another thought…seeing how much exercise I get racing around…and that I can cool down in the water or relax in the shade…in the summer heat and humidity you really need to carry plenty of water for you and your dog! Watch your dog closely so he/she doesn’t overheat.  Heatstroke can be a serious problem for you both.


We avoid going outside during the heat of the day.  Most exercising is early morning.  Longer walks are in the evening, but since the heat lingers until after sunset we avoid any hard play. 





Y’all come back now!










  1. Wow tasting the air. We got to try that on our squiggle hunt. Have a fabulous Friday Hawk.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Happy Friday to you. You are certainly correct about the different scents we smell. Be safe and stay cool. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Great Follow-Up Hawk, thanks for joining the hop.

    Our weather is so flooey, one day it's cold and the next day sweltering. We have to adjust our exercise schedule around what's going on with the weather.

    Have a great weekend and stay cool!!

  4. Great Follow-Up and Happy Friday! I agree with you on the heat and humidity, my pal. Lots of water and short time outside when the sun is strong. We now make my BIG walk in either the very early morning or late in the evening.
    Have a great weekend, my pal!

  5. Oooooh. Tasting the air. Very cool! Summer should have arrived in Tulsa by now, but it's been delayed a bit. I'm not complaining.

  6. I bet your summer air is yummy! Here the air is still warming up but that still feels good and there's been lots of wrestling to celebrate :-)

  7. Great advice Hawk - important to stay hydrated, especially if you live somewhere hot and humid like you. Looks like you've got lots of water to jump into close by, so that's good.

  8. Love that "tasting the air" shot. So cute! Didn't know that dogs did that.

    Good reminder about carrying water. Rita hates to get hot. Bleh. Summer. It's my least fave season. (But we're in San Diego... so it's not like our winters are hell!)

  9. Love your eyes in the cover pic! Looks like fun with the younger dog...those pups can tire us older dogs out pretty quickly!

  10. Great follow up! tasting the air who knew. you are so darn cute

  11. You tasted the air? I would do that too, if it came with a side of whip cream...hee hee!
    Love your romping photos!


  12. Hello!! This wasn't a 'follow up' post for me, it was a 'catch-up' and I'm glad I got to stop by and see the fun you've been having--Have a good and fun weekend too!!

  13. Interesting! I thought it was only snakes that tasted air.
    Dina Mom

  14. We have had a nice cool Spring. I am not looking forward to summer heat and humidity. We do exercise our dogs a bit in the heat to try to condition them for hunt tests, but we try to be very careful about it and make sure to have water available.

    If it is a super hot day then we stick to working in water.