Friday, June 21, 2013

Round Up Time!


Hi Y’all!



It’s once more time to round up the week and get ready for some fun stuff this weekend!


Our Blogville friend, Oz, came through again!  He remembers the snake rhyme!  “Hi Hawk! … Oh, I know about the snake rhyme and I think it is..."Red touches black, good for touches yellow, not good for a fellow". Though we sometimes get confused as to which color is supposed/not supposed to touch each other.”

Thanks a billion, Oz!

Sampson and Delilah and their human, our host today (Heart Like a Dog) asked if the birds eat the poisonous snakes too?



Since snakes are part of their diet, and the big birds kill them first, I don’t know why they wouldn’t eat them even if they are poisonous.


All Things Collie asks if “my Mom is the photographer.” 


Yes…although sometimes my Human Papa takes over the camera…but it’s usually my Human Mama. 


Goose and Molly both asked what was in my yard?  The post was We’re Back!


I showed everybody in black and white on Sunday…but in case you missed it…


With all the coyotes, foxes and bobcats around, we haven’t see any rabbits in awhile.


Sophie asks “Is that Jessica? Wabbit?”

Oh, maybe it is, maybe it is…

JoAnn Stancer wants to know if I like to chase the bunnies?


Oh, no.  I’ve had them run between my front legs when we are hiking…no, I’m not allowed to chase anything.  My Human says it is for my own protection.  I get plenty of “retriever jobs”, so I’m okay with the “no chase” rule. 

Oz the Terrier, regarding Spoil Sport, if the snake is a southern black racer like one he has in his back yard.


Water Moccasins occur naturally in the low country, I think this fellow was an Eastern green water snake.  The water moccasins generally display their cottony mouth in a gapping grin.  It is this display that warns you first that have earned the water moccasins the name cottonmouth.

Molly wanted to know what the bi-plane was doing in my neck of the woods?


I have no idea where it came from or where it was going or why.  It sure was an unusual sighting!

Our friend, Oz had another couple of questions for me. 



Who is the statue in your garden?


Just some woman carrying a jug of water. 

And he thought my lights, ambiance lights, were hanging a bit low.


The lights are sagging, mostly on purpose, some are coming loose in the storms.  Yes, they are ambiance lighting.  We like to light the pier from time to time.


Flea wants to know if this is my Elvis look?


What do y’all think? 




Y’all come back now!







  1. Could be an Elvis look or it could be the look of "Come on through my bumper".

  2. Great Q & A Hawk and we too loved your Elvis look. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Love that Elvis LOOK. Great side view photo of the bunny. Happy Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. OMD, Hawk...Miss Flea had that one nailed! It didn't even occur to me that was your Elvis look but it is spot on! You are welcome for the rhyme, though I beg you to double check if we have the correct colors "touching" each other...we always get confused. BOL
    You have a great weekend, buddy! Happy Retrieving!

    P.S. I would LOVE to chase that bunny of yours. It's one of my talents as a terrier, chasing down "vermin". BOL

  5. Hawk - Hey buddy! No rabbit chasing huh...oh well. We have plenty of rabbits in our yard - I can send you some. I don't chase them either, mostly cause I never catch them, they run under the fence to fast. Thanks for joining our Hop!

  6. Thanks for joining the hop, Hawk. I would say that is definitely your Elvis look. ;-)

    I noticed a distinct lack of small animals in our necks of the woods as well. Occasionally there is a squirrel or chipmunk but mostly no small beings, which tells me larger prey driven animals are out there.

    Ya'll be safe, okay? have a great weekend!!

  7. Great recap Hawk...Looks like the young Elvis to me...all you need is a little hair pomade to get it right...Cottonmouths are about the scariest snakes around...After Hurricanes Charlie & Jean they were flooded onto land and we found them in our yard...I was so worried that Bruno (my dog then) would find one when I wasn't looking

  8. Elvis, rabbits, and snakes - oh my!
    Glad I didn't miss this :-)

  9. Hehe! Love your Elvis look! That's perfect!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Rocco

  10. Those snakes really creep me out! We have snakes in our back yard and I always scream when I see them!

  11. Great follow up and good for you not chasing the bunnies, my gang all chases little animals. Your such a good boy.

  12. I enjoyed the Q&A this week. We have some rabbits up by our cabin this year and usually we don't see them. The hawks, eagles and coyotes usually get them. I am not really sure why we have them this year.

    Brown dawgs are not allowed to chase bunnies either. :)

  13. It's always easier to remember stuff when you have a rhyme or little ditty to say. Since we don't have poisonous snakes here I will probably forget anyway though :)