Friday, June 14, 2013

It’s a Wrap!


Hi Y’all!




In addition to my keeping fit, I want to take time out to share one of my Human’s favorite flowers…I see beauty everywhere…P1210533


Last week’s Follow Up Friday, Wyatt came out of his garden long enough to ask, “you tasted the air?”  Then Wyatt commented that he’d do it too “if it came with a side of whipped cream!”


Hmmm…he’s right!  I knew I was missing something!


Sugar was wondering why, on Sunday Swim, I was INSIDE?



Sugar, it’s much too hot for me to spend much time outside now.  


Roxy took time out from her travels and Adventures of a Dog Mom took time from her adventures to ask me if I got to swim with the geese?




No, I didn’t.  My Human, not realizing the geese were grazing on the lawn, took me outside.  They retreated with their goslings to the inlet. 

Geese, especially with goslings, can be dangerous to dogs.

Dina Dog wants to know what they are doing swimming in my inlet?


They live here too. 


Sage wants to know if I ever wish the Humans would just open that door?


I always want out.  But this time of year I usually want right back inside when we are here at the shore.

Greyhounds Can Sit wants to know if I got to go for a swim on Sunday.



More like wading…my Human discourages swimming and water retrieves this time of year because of the alligators and snakes.  I’m only allowed to wade where the Humans can clearly see the bottom.

On Stay Safe Saturday, Sage asked if the birds ever got bitten by a snake?

P1210451 I don’t honestly know the answer to that one.


Alligators, hawks, eagles, as well as the wading birds, eat snakes.  The larger fish, like bass and catfish, also eat snakes.  P1210446

Most water snakes and black snakes are not poisonous.  Cottonmouth snakes, also called water moccasins, are poisonous, as are rattlers and copperheads.  There is a rhyme, which my Human can’t quite recall…but the important part is: red touch yellow can kill a fellow. 


On the same post, JoAnn Stancer asked if she was correct, that the bird devouring the snake was a heron?


You are correct.  It is a Great Blue Heron.  They really are quite large, impressive birds.

On Mischief Monday, Oz the Terrier wants to know who I am yelling at?

Sage wants to know if I’m yawning?

The 2browndawgs, now 3, asked if I was denying some mischief?

Flea from Flea’s World wants to know why I’m so scary?

JoAnn Stancer wants to know if I’m singing a tune?



That’s pure excitement folks!  I’m tryin’ to hurry things up! 

Pssst…if I keep up the vocal long enough, my Human Papa gets angry and hollers at my Human Mama to shut me up!  BOL! yep, that’s mischief!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more of my trip with the Humans.  In the meantime keep appreciating the beauty of the moment.


 Y’all come back now!











  1. We do appreciate every beautiful moment. And I have to agree with Wyatt. Whipped Cream would make the air even better.

  2. We agree geese can be fearsome. Enjoy all the beauty around you Hawk. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hawk, thanks for the update. Glad to get the answers to those questions! Too bad you have to stay inside so much, I know that can be tough on us active guys. Thanks for joining the Hop.

  4. Hi Hawk! Thanks for answering my question this week! Oh, I know about the snake rhyme and I think it is..."Red touches black, good for touches yellow, not good for a fellow". Though we sometimes get confused as to which color is supposed/not supposed to touch each other. BOL
    Have a GREAT weekend pal!

  5. Beautiful photos! It's already too hot here in Atlanta too. ugh. We can only go out early or late. I think it's time to pull out the puppy pool this weekend!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Rocco

  6. Great wrap up and fantastic photos. Kelly does that with snakes in our yard! I'm always worried she'll get bitten (they're not poisonous, but still) but once she finds one, she grabs it and whips it around while I stand by screaming! Oh, btw Hawk, thanks for the message, and my tech support (aka my daughter) said she fixed the problem, it should be fine now. I'm not real happy with disqus, I may have to change.

  7. You always have such great photos and follow-up Hawk, thank you so much for joining us today on the blog hop. I hope you get some cooler weather so you can get out and about. :-)

  8. You always share Beautiful lovely photos. Hope you get to swim but be very careful with those alligators. Happy Seeing Beauty. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. AH!!! There is so much beauty reflected in your pictures. Thank you so much for seeing beautiful with us!!!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

    Lydia @ See Beautiful

  10. Alligators & snakes??!?! Egads.

    All we have to deal with at the beach we go to is jellyfish. (Oh, and now stupid men with big sticks too....)

    Great FUF.

  11. Beautiful pictures! Is your mom the photographer?

  12. Everyone asked such wonderful questions. I like your answer about the geese. I'm sure it is tempting for a dog to want to chase them but it is good to know it is not safe to do so. I can understand how geese can be mean, especially if protecting the young ones.

  13. Very nice FUF. I vaguely remember hearing that snake rhyme. Good info to remember if we ever head south.