Friday, January 6, 2012

Q and A Time



Hi Y’all!


I haven’t been getting many of you asking about things lately.

Love all the comments and always welcome questions. 

My Chessie friends at 2browndawgs have actually seen a couple of deaf dogs work doing retriever training for hunt tests.  They can’t hear a whistle, but they are great at marking and retrieving. 

Oh, yes, Scrappy, Chloe & Twiggy  the snow is pretty much GONE!  There is some in the woods and in the shade of the ridges and mountains and at the north end of the house.  It was in the 50’s today and it will be 60’s tomorrow. 

Hoapie  I know you were confused about the snow.  Here in in the southeastern mountains you get snow on one side of the mountain and at different elevations you get different amounts.  We got our snow in two fronts.  It came and then stopped and the sun came out and melted most of ours, then the next day the rest of it arrived with a vengeance.  Now it’s warmed up again.  The cold frosty feet thawed out so I could write. 

Bert and Goose out in the Rockies want to know why everyone but them has snow.  I can’t answer that one.  If any of you can answer, click on their names and tell them. 

Y’all come back now!



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