Friday, January 13, 2012

You’ve Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!


Hi Y’all,

Y’all have been leaving me questions regarding some of my posts.  I will do my best to answer them.

My friend the therapy and retired search dog Bert asked me these questions about “hey hey it’ll be a great day!” Bert said: “Seriously Hawk, how could you not roll in that mud. I mean, really.”

I’m really don’t have a great answer for you.  It wasn’t deep enough for a good swim and my Human gave me that “aht, aht” …y’all know that’s really NO!  

The second and third questions were: “And those sheep, did ya chase em? and that moon, did ya howl? Great day in deed.”

Now, regarding chasing the sheep, I barked, but my Human put me in a sit.  Can’t chase if you’re sittin’.  Actually, I’m more interested in retrieving stuff.

Nothing was howling at this hazy morning moon.  I don’t think I’ve ever howled at a moon.  Since we take our first walk before daylight, I see lots of moons, but never thought about howling at them.

My friend Scrappy said “We had that here and it made for a very chilly morning!“  We’ve been lucky ‘cause the weather has been mild and above freezing lately.  Unfortunately, by the time y’all read this we should be in the deep freeze with a good part of the rest of the U.S. 

By the way Scrappy, that was the only day this week we saw the sun or the moon…the rest of the week was rainy. 

About the big guy and his friends pictured above, Scrappy asks, “I have never seen anything like the looks of those animals around here. They have some silly fur.” 

It does look funny doesn’t it? 

They shave that off of them in the spring and sell it.  It becomes the wool in your clothes and blankets. 

Roxy and Torrey’s human said they would have been off like a flash and wanted to know if I chased these hairy sheep.  Not only didn’t I chase them, but I had to sit while my Human took these photos.

Now, I actually have some humans who read these posts.  No they aren’t embarrassed to read posts made by a dog.  One of these humans comments as haopee and can be found at the very entertaining blog My Dogs Love.Me.  Yes dogs live there too and earlier entries were written by her dog.  Now he’s retired and the human has taken over the posts.  But I digress, because I wanted you to meet them.  She asked the question “What are those green glowing stuff in front of the camera”

As you can see it’s dark outside.  My silly Human didn’t have anything to rest her camera on ‘cause she was walkin’ with me, also it was a misty morn, so the the floodlights at places on neighboring mountains look like weird dancing ghosts. 

Now haopee also questioned the octopus ball I carry.  She answered the question herself before I could answer it for her.

“Hey Hawky, I just realized something. Maybe because you're a retriever, you have that toy all the time with you, especially in most pictures taken of you.” 

This ball is kept in the mountains…and wearing out…hope they can find me another.  I only get to carry it outside.

This aero ball was my favorite to carry at the shore.  Then I got this toy that is part coon tail and part like a bumper.  That’s now my “most favorite” when we’re at the shore.  Again, I only get to carry it or retrieve it when outside. 

Now, if I missed someone’s question, please feel free to post a comment or email me at browndogcbr(remove)

Y’all come back now!


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