Sunday, January 8, 2012

House Manners


Hi Y’all! 

Yesterday, I stopped to catch up with life with Sampson and Delilah and they were discussing what happens when the humans eat and when Sampson and Delilah get fed. I promised to tell them what I do.

There are things that every human wants their pawed pal to do better.  One of those things we’ll discuss today…it’s called “not begging while the Humans eat”.   

Now, my Humans used to have performance horses as well as retrievers, so things like feeding are very regulated. I have certain times I doesn't matter when the Humans eat...unless the Humans have business that keeps them late, I am always feed breakfast and supper at the same time every day.


If they happen to be eating and it is my feeding Human excuses herself and feeds me.

I get walks also regular...I don't have to ask...I know when they are coming. My Human says she has to pee when she gets up, so she takes me out immediately every morning at the same time...yes before do you think I get the moon shots?

Now, we know what we do when I eat, but what do I do when the Humans eat?   

I don’t beg.  ‘Course I’ve got food allergies, so I don’t get fed from the table. 

I have two different commands.  One is “down”.  That my Human uses when we are training and means I drop down and hold position.  The other command “go lay down” is more casual and is used in the house when the Human is busy and doesn’t want to be bothered.  I get to wander around and pick a spot to settle in a comfortable position.  Sometimes it is in my “house” (crate).






This is how I spend the time while I wait for the Humans to prepare or eat their meals. 

I’ll talk about what happens when I don’t want to do something on another day.

Y’all come back now!


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