Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Day


Hi Y’all,

Looking back lots has happened this year.

We escaped last year after a couple of really bad snows threatened to keep us here for the winter.  We went back to the shore where I could get my Humans out and about! 

I enjoyed playing with my Human Papa too.

We went out in the boat.

The one draw back was the big gator or gators? that kept hanging around the boat inlet and the inlet in the lower yard. 

My Human said “no swimming” as long as he was hanging around.

I got to spend time riding in my favorite vehicle, the golf cart! 

Then the heat sent us back to the mountains where I had great fun romping!

Even in the mountains it was hot.

When the weather cooled somewhat, we returned to the shore.

But we didn’t stay long.  It was soon time for autumn color in the mountains! 

We returned to the shore for awhile and my Human got this picture of the moon on our walk on Veterans Day morning.

We had to return to the mountains for the Holidays and decided to celebrate the New Year here.  Actually I think the Humans have some business they need to finish taking care of before we go back to the shore. 

I’ll be spendin’ my New Years Day workin’  the woods for bumpers the Human has hidden.  it’s a Sunday, so no one can hunt with a gun. 

Y’all come back now!



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  1. Those are some great pictures Hawk. My favourite is the first one with you in the snow!