Sunday, January 22, 2012

What I Do When I Won’t!



Hi Y’all,

Some time ago I promised to let y’all know what I do when I don’t want to do something. 

My crate has always been my own special place where I can do what I want and never get corrected.  That spot is my crate.

Now, my Human does go in it after she launders my bedding to get everything all comfy again.  Yes, she can fit in my crate. 

So, when she wants me to go outside and I don’t want to, I just go in my crate and lay down.  She shrugs and leaves me alone.

My friend Haopee asked me “I've never known where you came from.”  I’m not sure if the question is about where I was born or where I live with my Humans now.  I live in southeastern USA.  Part of the time I live in the southeastern mountains and the rest of the time I live at the shore in the deep south. 

The other question Haopee asked was “I'm just wondering, have you ever seen some of your human's old pets?”  My Humans had no pets when I came to live with them.  However I have seen pictures of many of them.  Of course Candy, the Chessie featured under “in memory” had her own website.  The pictures on the “in memory” page were on her website. 

Y’all can feel free to email at browndogcbr at

Y’all come back now!




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