Thursday, January 12, 2012




My name is Mocha!   Look at my beautiful golden eyes…the better to adore you with!  I love people!

I also LOVE toys and to play!  See the toy underneath me in the picture…

I’m young, they tell me about a year in human time.  I’m also even tempered.  They tell me I’d be a great family dog. Think how much fun your kids could have romping with me.  I’d even be great as a jogging partner!  I’ll share my toys too. 

I love to hug and cuddle.

With strangers I’m well mannered and friendly.  I’m obedient; I’ll listen to you.  I’d be devoted to you. 

Reach my by phone at: 336-393-000 or email me at:


Note from Loving Pet Inn AdoptionsMocha (super loving) was found lying (uninjured) in the middle of the highway. She would move for the cars and then go right back to the yellow line. Was that where she lost the scent of her prior family? We wonder if she was waiting for her family to come back for her... Heartbreaking!!! It is so easy to imagine since Mocha is the kind of loving dog who is tremendously devoted to her family. Would you like to be the new family that makes her one of your own and returns her unfailing devotion?

Adoption Fee $100. Surfing petfinder? Be sure to also check out our other great family dogs at


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